What’s New in WordPress 4.5

A new version of WordPress 4.5 was officially released on April 12, 2016. This release is named “Coleman” in honour of jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. The release lead was Mike Schroder, with the help of Adam Silverstein and Mel Choyce, as well as a massive total of 298 contributors. WordPress 4.5 now available for download with many new features.

WordPress 4.5

There are many features included in WordPress 4.5, which should help improve the content creation process and stronger for branding and responsive design point of view. Below are some of the main highlights of What’s New in WordPress 4.5

Login with Email

As per current login trade like Facebook, Twitter, etc. WordPress 4.5 allows users to sign in using either their username or email address as username. It’s possible you forgot username but can’t forgot email easily.

Theme Custom Logos Support

There are many themes which allowed users to set logos from theme options, but there are not a standard process in WordPress. But with WordPress 4.5, you can set a logo of your business or brand from WordPress dashboard customizer. It’s depends on your theme support If theme does not support this feature, then you will not be able to see it in customizer.

Live Responsive Previews in Customizer

From the dashboard customizer you can check live preview of your responsive site mobile, tablet, and desktop views by just clicking device icon.

Inline keyboard shortcuts

To improve Visual Editor and make more faster writing WordPress 4.5 add some Inline keyboard shortcuts

Inline Linking: Allows you to easily link to your content by just pressing CTRL+K. instead of opening a popup window, you can see an inline insert link menu. Just type URL and continue writing.

Horizontal Line: Just type three dashes (—) to add a horizontal line.

By clicking on the help icon in the visual editor, you can see a full list of shortcuts available in WordPress.

Optimized Image Resizing

WordPress 4.5 takes a new level of compressing images. Now generated images are load up to 50% faster without quality loss.

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